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In 2008, I had healed myself from rheumatoid arthritis and was seeking to help others. For 12 years, I strived to heal patients across 27 countries. But at a one-on-one level, despite taking on more cases, conducting workshops, being a speaker at public forums, I was reaching out to very few people and there were too many more out there who were suffering.

So I developed the Holistic Health Coach Certification Program to empower others and build our own Healer Network with our certified coaches, to heal those suffering. The content here is a combination of what I studied in holistic nutrition and my own practice and learnings from  treating patients across the world. This content will not be found in any textbooks of any university teaching holistic nutrition, disease reversal without medication or any other kind of treatment to reduce suffering of patients and increase their quality of life and lifespan.

The single-minded purpose of this network is to heal as many as we can collectively, holding each other’s hand in the process so we are there to motivate and help each other grow while increasing the number of happier, healthier people globally. Today, we are 135 healers across the world.

You can do this in your own time, from home or office. I am building a community of health coaches across the world who can make the world a healthier place. And you can be an entrepreneur, a healer and the person who can reduce suffering, as part of this, while you earn from home.

The course fees is originally Rs 28,000/USD 450 but we are continuing the 25% discount in these tough times. So now you only pay Rs 21,000/USD 300. Our course access is 8 weeks but many healers have finished it in a week! And we hope that you will utilise your time to be a healer, entrepreneur, online business professional, and join our community of coaches who were healing across the world.

Our course is recognised and accredited by Complimentary Medical Association, UK, and certified by CPD, UK, hence your certification & training will be an internationally recognised.


The format of learning is via Videos, written content and Research Papers via clinical studies as reference material.

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I hope to help you start your journey via healing people, just like I’m doing. I hope you will hold my hand in this goal, to extract everyone’s inner strength and defy disease, and help those suffering come out of their suffering.

Looking forward to welcoming you as a fellow healer, who goes beyond conventional treatments to help those around us.


Rachna Chhachhi

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