Babita is a certified Holistic health coach with a specialisation in Autoimmune Healing. She is an internationally certified EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner, Matrix Reimprint Practitioner, Inner Child Practitioner, NLP Breakthrough Coach, Reiki Master, & Magnified Healer. She is also An Advance EFT practitioner in Training. Having undergone major health issues, Babita understood the importance of a strong immune system. She researched and made a lot of Lifestyle and dietary changes and worked on her emotions and levels of stress through EFT and other modalities and came out of difficult health issues and also rid her body of side effects of medication. Health & emotional wellness is her passion. She helps people to cope with day to day stress and release suppressed emotions. She combines her skills to help people lead a happy, healthy, emotionally balanced, pain-free life. Contact details : Cell : 9873100774 Email :