Autoimmune Masterclass Syllabus

I’m so beyond happy that I took this well timed step and enrolled in Rachna’s Autoimmune Masterclass Certification Program which is internationally accredited. The sessions were interactive, engaging and gave an advanced insight into not only the clinical and nutritional aspects but also enabled us to treat the patient in a completely holistic manner-physical and emotional healing. Even the snippets of conversations we had in between, spoke volumes about Rachna’s years of experience in dealing with emotional healing. Most of the time the emotional aspect is not take into account in majority of the therapies which then manifests itself via the unsatisfactory clinical outcomes. Rachna has made a headway in this approach of Holistic Integrative Nutrition. For anybody who is new to this field or has been in this field for years, it’s an excellent opportunity to learn and adapt this whole new outlook in managing your practice. – Krittika Rai Clinical Nutrition Consultant
Fee: Rs 25,000/USD 355 
Course curriculum:
  1. What are autoimmune conditions?
  2. Side effects of the disease itself
  3. Early signs before diagnosis
  4. Why are they incurable?
  5. Side effects of medications
  6. Secondary or tertiary autoimmune conditions that accompany
  7. Understanding what triggers an autoimmune condition
  8. Why do some people get it and some don’t?
  9. How can nutrition work when medicine has failed?
  10. Approaching the causes instead of symptoms
  11. Case studies
  12. The 4 pillars of healing an autoimmune disease
  13. Physical nutrition and how it works
  14. Emotional nutrition and how it works
  15. How to reverse chronic fatigue
  16. How to reduce and avoid flare ups
  17. How to reduce inflammation markers and antibodies
  18. What supplements work and why
  19. How to rebuild damaged joints and regain balance
  20. Caregiver coping techniques
  21. Patient coping techniques
  22. The new normal – Pillars for living the free life
  23. Clinical data on treatment – an immunologist’s perspective
  24. Revision
  • Start date: September 2021
  • Class frequency: One class every 10 days
  • Number of classes: 4
  • Duration of each class: 2 hours
  • The class will be conducted in English, so for those not very familiar with the language can have a translator with them.
  • Requirements from students/attendees: a stable Wi-Fi connection, notebooks and pen and comfortable clothing and seating.
  • Medium of conducting the class: Zoom. The link will be sent one day prior to each class.
  • Sign up here – fill the form!
The certificate you will receive will be from our registered online college, The Restore Community, which is registered with the Complementary Medical Association, UK and CPD, UK. The latter is a continuing professional development registration.
If you are not an RR certified coach, you can combine the masterclass with the practitioners course of holistic health coach certification program at an additional cost of just  ₹5000/USD 70. We are happy to share that our holistic health course is internationally accredited by the Complementary Medical Association, UK and certified by CPD, the international body that certifies continuing professional development programs for skill and knowledge enhancement to be used by senior professionals.
The signup process is as below:
  1. For bank transfer (for INR payment), please go on this link
  2. For PayPal (for USD payment only), pay to
  3. Fill the form on this link to complete registration
“Helping others also helps us. This is one of the biggest reason that for the last 13 years, I have been free from rheumatoid arthritis. The gratitude and blessings I have received from patients I have healed have kept me protected from negativity. And now, as you embark on this journey yourself, you will start receiving the blessings the moment you begin to touch the lives of people positively.” – Rachna Chhachhi, Founder – RachnaRestores, rheumatoid arthritis warrior

Please keep the reference number handy for your payment just in case we are not able to trace your payment.

Each class is going to have a limited number of students to increase the effectiveness of understanding and absorption of knowledge. Hence, please do register fast as we will close registrations once class fills up.
Looking forward to seeing you as a healer with the RR Community!