Autoimmune community

Rachna and Palak at Rachna’s book launch – working together to help others

As autoimmune warriors, we struggle from multiple symptoms: chronic fatigue, pain, emotional sensitivity, listlessness, brain fog… All of these impact our relationships, not just with others but also our relationship with ourselves. Self confidence and self-esteem become low, leading to anxiety and depression. The Autoimmune Community™️ (TAC™️) is for each one of you struggling with all this to help you heal.

Autoimmune conditions have new age – I have treated 10 year old girls and 55 year old men. When I healed myself in 2008 from rheumatoid arthritis, I attracted autoimmune warriors struggling with pain and chronic fatigue to come to me and get healed. Today, I have healed thousands of patients from rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, and other autoimmune conditions. I have also created The Autoimmune Masterclass for warriors or health coaches to become autoimmune experts and heal warriors. Our body of work and clinical data from each patient that has healed is only becoming stronger in the evidence of holistic nutrition helping autoimmune patients get the quality of life no other medical or alternative interventions can get. And that is the reason for The Autoimmune Community™️ (TAC™️).

This community is spearheaded by Palak Bhalla Ahuja, psoriatic arthritis warrior herself and an accredited holistic nutrition coach and certified autoimmune expert. TAC™️ launched on May 10th, 2021 and has group meetings to help you express your daily difficulties and understand from other warriors how they overcame theirs.

We are not alone in this. When we have people who are going through the same pain and struggles as we have been through, our journey becomes a little easier. And in this journey, we find friends, partners, emotional support to help us get better every day. If you are an autoimmune warrior, this is your community.

To join the community, the following are the rules:

  1. The community is completely free of cost.
  2. We help you understand autoimmune conditions, how we can heal, and various ways to heal.
  3. Try not to panic with your symptoms, we are a support group. The community is here to help you.
  4. Share your emotional traumas because till we do not release our emotions, a large part of our healing does not begin.

Fill out the form on the link below and let us hold each other’s hand to walk towards our healing journey. The world does not know about autoimmune diseases, that is why there is no cure for it.

Only an autoimmune warrior can help another autoimmune warrior feel better.

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Rachna Chhachhi