NEERJA SACHDEVA, SINGAPORE: Contact details: Email:; Phone: +65 9134 3870
PARAMITA BASU, SINGAPORE: Paramita is a Computer Engineer and completed her MBA from Strathclyde University,UK. She is an IT Professional and currently serving Singtel as a Senior Manager. Being the mother of two school going kids plus the daily stress and strain in the work have not got her much time to look after herself and didn’t even realise that she had rheumatoid arthritis which only got diagnosed after her second child birth. She was consulting a RA specialist but was not convinced to remain under long term medication. Then came the miracle- an article from Rachna on Holistic Healing – she immediately got in touch with Rachna and she was very responsive and her life took a complete “U Turn” since then !! It took her a good amount of time to learn the process of changing the old habits and adapt the true healing process – A total change in Lifestyle and now she would like to take the opportunity to become a preacher. But she didn’t stop here, she had under gone the prescribed course to educate herself the nuances of healing art for millions of patients suffering form this disease across the globe. She is a certified Holistic Coach and intend to help people who are solely depending on toxic medicines either for temporary relief or day dreaming a cure!! Contact details :
SHEFALI ANURAG, BANGKOK: Shefali is a certified RachnaRestores holistic healer. Having been a PCOS and Type II diabetes patient under Rachna herself, she feels compassion toward people who go through fatigue, chronic stress, and depression that comes with diseases. Shefali lost her mother to cancer in 2019, after seeing her suffer through painful chemotherapy treatments, she was determined to learn and help others heal themselves inside and out through a gentler and more effective holistic lifestyle. Shefali pursued Liberal Arts and an MSc in Economics by the time she was 21. Today, having lived across the world and worked in several global companies, she believes women can have it all – a high flying career and a fulfilling life of happiness! Contact Details: Email:; Phone: +66922703092
MALINISHAM SUBRAMANIAM, MALAYSIA: Malinisham was always passionate of being healthy in a holistic way. She always believed prevention is better than cure. Being a pharmacist, she knew most of the medication is just to control the symptoms of the diseases, not to cure. She always wonder why many people are getting sicker nowadays, what actually went wrong and how to overcome this issue. LIFESTYLE CHANGES is the keyword she found. Therefore, she took the course to be certified holistic health coach because she wants to learn holistic healing in a proper way. She wants to emphasize and incorporate holistic healing along with modern medicine. Her main aim is to lead a healthy lifestyle and also make an impact in other people’s lives too by helping them to live healthy lifestyle. Contact Details:; Phone: +60163229725
ABHILASHA JAIN, CHINA: Abhilasha is an educationist by profession believes in learning and sharing whatever she explores and discovers not just in her class but in the world around her. Born in India, inherited Ayurveda and Homeopathy as a way of life, she has complete trust in power of healing the body from within. Regular exercise and travelling make an essential part of her life. She shifted to China with her family 10 years ago to take up the opportunity of becoming a Primary School coordinator in an IB school. Being an inquirer by nature, it is over there she discovered the power of Chinese traditional medicines, green tea, essential oils, yoga, meditation and started following Nicherin Daishonin’s Buddhism as an inseparable part of her existence. In 2019, she faced the biggest challenge of her life when she discovered her father was fighting an oesophageal cancer. Looking for holistic treatments for him, she came across the RachnaRestores Holistic Healing program. This is when she decided to take up the course and become a healer to be able to spread the awareness and health benefits to others. Abhilasha is on her way for making major lifestyle changes for herself and her family. She welcomes you to fight your challenges with equal passion and compassion. Contact details: Email id-; Phone- +86 18858096478
Experienced and passionate, Shilpy is a certified Yoga Alliance and Kids yoga Instructor based in Singapore. She started teaching Yoga out of sheer love and a desire to create awareness of self-realization in individuals through Yoga. She is actively involved in conducting yoga sessions for groups, corporates, and the community. An ardent believer of Holistic living Shilpy practices meditation and mindfulness. She came across Rachna Restores in one of the live sessions on Instagram. During that session, there were discussions on Holistic healing, the benefits of Organic food, and many
more. From that instance, Shilpy was inclined to explore more about Holistic healing. She then enrolled herself into the Master-class for Autoimmune warriors and Holistic Health Coach. Now a certified Holistic Health Coach at RachnaRestores, she specializes in healing Autoimmune conditions, Cancer, PCOD, hormonal issues, and obesity in a holistic way.
Among many of her interests, her love for cooking and experimenting with healthy holistic food are to name a few. Happily married and blessed with 2 beautiful girls, she enjoys reading, running, traveling, cooking new cuisines, and spending time with family.  With her yoga experience and mindfulness, she is looking forward to helping people in leading a healthier lifestyle and guiding them on nutritional knowledge, yoga, and breathing techniques.
Contact: +6583216267 Mail:
Instagram: @wellnessbyshilpy