Aparna had come very close to damaging herself emotionally, physically and mentally. She has had numerous miscarriages, hormonal issues and even came close to being diagnosed with cancer. All of these, factors, especially the cancer scare made her want to take her own health issues seriously. However, as life slowly normalised, Aparna soon forgot about this fear. She witnessed her mother and mother-in-law suffering immensely, due to Type 2 Diabetes, which eventually led to heart ailments, kidney failure and it completely hampered their lifestyles. Running between hospital admissions, emergency rooms and ICU’s really shook her up. She still had the strength mentally to want to change and not be a burden to herself or her loved ones. She had to change as she realised that she was a ticking time bomb. It was at this point that she met Rachna – a complete godsend angel, through whom she looked at life holistically, it brought a lot of changes in a very short amount of time which she thought was impossible. Confidence and quality of life drives her to heal you as today, with Rachna, Aparna feels empowered and blessed. Holistic health is a beautiful way of life, let us not be sorry when we can, instead, reverse and prevent diseases minus the obnoxious hospital bills. Contact Details ; Email : aparna.fernandez@gmail.com; Phone : 9945125277

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