Anxiety can be because of immediate circumstances or being carried for months, years, decades. Chronic anxiety, triggered by continuous stress, causes pessimism, poor moods, depression and can manifest into physical problems like acidity, bloating, constipation, headaches, unexplained pens, chronic fatigue, too much sleep or insomnia, hair loss, accelerated ageing, hypertension and can finally trigger lifestyle diseases. Getting rid of chronic diseases anxiety takes systematic steps but has a wonderful impact – a combination of emotional counselling to release your feelings, express yourself better, let go of toxicity is important.Our anxiety release program is extremely unique: it combines the power of physical and emotional nutrition to let go of anxiety and get rid of physical and emotional baggage. So if you are experiencing chronic anxiety either because of your circumstances, work pressure, stage in life or symptoms of chronic anxiety like unexplained pains, digestive issues, palpitations, poor response to stress, to get in touch with us.

The details of the programme are below:

  • Counselling and nutrition for chronic anxiety: Dr Bhavana Gautam
  • Release of anxiety, pain and insomnia: Prachi Wasnikar
  • 4 sessions per month:
    • Counselling and nutrition charts: 2 sessions per month
    • Restorative yoga for letting go and better sleep: 2 sessions per month
  • Unlimited email-based support with your coaches
  • Minimum period of signup: 3 months
  • Fee: Rs.15,000/USD 220 per month

To release your chronic anxiety and live a fresher, more positive life and attract goodwill, positivity and good luck, sign up for our anxiety release plan on the link here