Alison Pinto is a certified Holistic Health and Cancer coach with RachnaRestores. From a very young age Alison felt a ‘calling’ to reach out to people with healing. Over the years, life led her in search of answers to help heal herself and her loved ones. Her own wellness journey was born out of seeking answers to heal her own health issues. Learning to cope with the related complications has given her strength to draw upon, and reaffirmed her original calling to help others heal physically, mentally and emotionally. There is power in the ability of the body to heal itself naturally, given the right support in nutritional, lifestyle and environmental habits. She not only focuses on the diagnosis, but also recognizes the power of the environment around the patient, both mental as well as physical. While most chronic illness begin with poor choices in diet and lifestyle, the emotional aspect is often overlooked, which is a key factor in holistic health. Deeply inspired by Rachna, she studied with her to become a certified wholistic and cancer healer in order to reach out and empower clients so desperately in need of help and compassionate insight on their health and wellbeing. By being a part of the RachnaRestores team, and the calling to heal the world together, she wants to help as many people as she can by raising an awareness about this alternate path to holistic healing that is available for almost any disease, that regrettably, even now many are unaware of. Alison is an internationally recognised Artist and Art Educator by profession. She’s affiliated with known International watercolor organizations and brands. Her work in art has won awards, been published and is recognized internationally. She’s exhibited by jury selection in over 15 countries all over the world. Email:   ~   Phone: +91-9867770878   ~   Instagram: @alisonpintoart