Akhil’s passion for Nutrition & Fitness started in his second year of graduation. He began his research thereon to gain weight initially, but after later his quench of thirst for the field made him dive deeper. Therefore he signed up for his CPD Diploma certification in Nutrition and started my own practice in helping people for Fat loss & Muscle gain. Akhil’s main target was not only to address obesity but also to treat people with various health conditions which further lead him to self-study for about 2 years researching lifestyle diseases and their healing process through nutrition. And Yes, the universe helped him with this purpose. He has been successful in healing clients with conditions such as Arthritis, Diabetes, Thyroid, and Obesity. But to work as a professional healer in the market became a challenge as his Diploma in Nutrition was only confined to deal with only two conditions Muscle gain & Fat loss. After a long time, he came across to know about Rachna and her holistic certification program with which he can pursue his dream to heal people with various health conditions. It is said that if you want something badly, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. and yes that’s true. Therefore with all of his research and experience of healing people with their health conditions even before and now being a Certified Holistic Health Coach with Rachna, Akhil feels overwhelmed and strive to heal people with much more confidence & efficiency with his practice.He currently runs two companies and is the founder of them, one is a Fitness & Nutrition brand with which he has been dealing with various clients. The second one is Wisdom Vines which is an affiliation to his first company but in terms of coaching in which he mentors and life coach younger generations and their clients on Life skills such as Confidence, Self Esteem, Courage, Stress management, Spirituality, health & lifestyle, and so on. Contact Details ; Email : akhilneer@gmail.com; Phone : 8328146726