Aiena is a Holistic Health Coach with RachnaRestores and a Certified Cancer Coach. Although labelled as a health freak by family and friends, her in-depth journey into discovering ways to heal started when her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. She’s been working in the aviation industry for the past 20 years. She holds an MBA degree; in addition, she has a lot of certifications in psychology and neuroscience. She loves to travel and read. Through her travels to 55 countries and working with 140 nationalities, she understands the true nature of shared human condition- doesn’t matter which part of the world you come from. Curious by nature, she likes to find ways that work for individuals and nudges people to think differently. Since a young age, Aiena has been practicing yoga. She ardently practices mindfulness and shares the benefits of it. She is scientifically inclined, and she is looking for ways of incorporating Ayurveda in our daily lives. She understands the connection between mind and body, and how the synergy between the two is fundamental to heal well and enjoy a happy and fulfilling life. Contact details ; Email :; Phone no : +971 50 8243416

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