Activity Challenge

The Restore Awards have launched the most amazing public award – The Activity Challenge! So what do you have to do to win the activity challenge and Rs. 51,000? Below are the steps:

1. Make sure that you have an activity tracker like a watch which is connected to an app and can share tracking results
2. From September 20 – November 30, wear your activity tracker every day
3. Five days a week, walk/swim/ cycle 40 minutes daily.
4. If you are walking in the morning then do 20 minutes activity in the evening that is recorded by the tracker – this could be walk, Yoga or any other moderate activity, not extensive activity.
5. Sundays are complete rest days and they should be no activity recorded on Sundays

If you are able to consistently do this simple task of moderate exercise five days a week and 20 minutes of evening activity, you qualify to win Rs. 51,000! It is so simple. There is no Marathon to run, no extensive weights to lift, no gym to join. You could walk in the house if you want as long as your tracker is recording you’re walking consistently for 40 minutes and consistently for 20 minutes the second time in the day. To enter the challenge, fill out the form below. Last date to enter this contest: September 20, 2021.  The earlier you fill out the form, the better your tracking will be and your chances of winning this cash prize will be higher. Let’s get going!

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Minimum age: 18 years
  2. Open to all nationalities globally
  3. Activity tracker has to be worn all 7 days, 8 am – 10 pm
  4. Data of activity tracker from Sept 20 – Nov 30, 2021 to be emailed on Nov 30, midnight to and Activity closure form filled again on Nov 30,2021. Link for closure form here
  5. All activities have to recorded by the tracker, the links of which (not images) will be shared with RachnaRestores team.