IMG_2143RachnaRestores™️ is an all-women organisation (click here to meet the team at RachnaRestores™️), that helps those suffering with a poor quality of life, understand the power of holistic nutrition to heal themselves. RachnaRestores™️ was started in 2008 by Rachna Chhachhi, PhD in Holistic Nutrition, Nutritional Therapist and Certified Cancer Coach. Rachna is is an autoimmune warrior herself. As a social health entrepreneur, she specialises in reversal of chronic lifestyle diseases without medication and is WHO certified in Malnutrition for infants & children. She gets invited to international medical & health conferences to share her case studies of disease reversal without medications across Europe, US, the middle east and South Asia alongside medical specialists to share her clinical evidence for her unique treatment methodology which combines holistic nutrition with Ayurveda and yoga. The media is kind to us and some glimpses on the link here – Media

RachnaRestores™️ followers:

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  • Facebook: 2.7 lakh followers
  • Twitter: 28K followers
  • Website: 100,000 views

RachnaRestores™️ works in the following areas:

  1. Clinical practice: Rachna and her partners heal patients from chronic conditions like cancer, autoimmune, pain, type two diabetes, CKD, heart risk conditions, heart rehabilitation (post by-pass), obesity, PCOS, infertility and chronic fatigue.
  2. Shuddha™️ programs: This is a transformational program for those who understand the mind body connect and want to leave their past traumas behind and live a life by design. The programs focus on mind-body connect and healing from within, to get back in touch with themselves and be the best versions of themselves. In a world where people are living reactive lives, running to doctors for emergency symptoms, Shuddha™️ programs go to the root causes of disease, stress, trauma and release inflammation, sickness, past trauma, excess weight and emotional burdens so that the quality of life is superior, free and balanced.
  3. E-learning: The Unhurry School of Healing™️ has complementary medicine and live skills programs which helps people start an online career in healing. Our online school has trained 200 + coaches across 27 countries have who work as independent health practitioners in their locations after getting certified by the Holistic Health Coach Certification Program. All the courses and the e-learning platform is internationally recognised, registered and accredited by complimentary medical Association, UK and CPD, UK. 
  4. The Restore Awards™️: These are annual awards, and provide a platform to recognise and reward warriors, doctors, healers, businesses and companies who work in the areas of emotional well-being, inclusiveness and mental and physical wellbeing. Every year, we take up a theme which is the need of the hour for that year. In 2019, it was Health Over Hospital where we spread the message of reducing the burden on hospitals and doctors via holistic lifestyles in preventing emergencies. In 2020, we raised awareness and funds for childhood cancer. In 2021, we brought forth Preventive Health & Sustainability during the pandemic. In 2022, the crying need of the hour is emotional health. With each one of us having suffered and lost someone we loved during the pandemic, the scars of the last two years need to be healed why are the right physical and emotional nutrition. Get more details on this like: The Restore Awards
  5. The Autoimmune Community™️ As an autoimmune warrior herself, Rachna and her partner Palak Bhalla Ahuja instituted The Autoimmune Community™️ which is a support group for autoimmune warriors struggling with a path to heal themselves, just like Palak and Rachna did. Join the community on the link here – The Autoimmune Community.
  6. Books: As a platform for information dissemination on healing, Rachana has authored 4  Restore (2014, buy it here) and You Can Beat Cancer (released onFebruary 4, 2020, World Cancer Day, buy it here) Alive! (March 2021, HarperCollins) and Shuddha (Rupa, February 2022, buy it here). 
Manisha and Rachna
At the book launch of Manisha Koirala’s book on Cancer

Rachna herself suffered from rheumatoid arthritis (read her story of cure here) before she got certified as a nutritional therapist. She practices across 27 countries to help prevent, manage and reverse lifestyle diseases like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, hormonal imbalances, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, acne etc. She is best known for her work with autoimmune patients, and helps them reverse their disease, which rheumatologists say is impossible.

Most Impactful Global Health Leader Award
Receiving Global Health Leader Award

Rachna has a health column with BusinessWorld magazine . She has conducted over 1000 health workshops and sessions for organisations like GE, Marico, Nomura, Accenture, Honeywell, Dunnhumby, Aon Hewitt, Aon Consulting, Cargill etc and for groups for doctors, communities for a cause and cancer associations.

Rachna has been writing on health and wellness for 20 years. She has had health columns with Business Today, Outlook Business Magazine and TOI blogs. She has earlier worked with GE Consumer Finance, India Today, Business Today and PPC Worldwide, a United Healthcare group company.

Award presentation
Receiving Nutritionist of the Decade Award

Rachna’s qualifications:

  • Nutritional Therapy from Oxford College, UK
  • PhD, Holistic Nutrition
  • Understanding Cancer Metastasis – Johns Hopkins University
  • Holistic Cancer Coach – Centre for Advancement in Cancer Education, Richboro, PA, USA
  • Yoga Teacher – The Yoga Institute, Mumbai
  • Nutrition Course for treatment of malnourished kids, University of Southampton, UK, certified by WHO
  • Post Graduate in Journalism from IIMC, New Delhi
Pooja and Rachna
At the Health Over Hospital event, with Pooja Bhatt

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