Welcome to the future of a disease-free world

There are many diseases that doctors say can be “managed.” Not “cured.” Cured” in my terminology means living a good quality of life, with nutrition, exercise and a lifestyle that keeps your disease away, without medication. And that is what I do.

Rachna Chhachhi
Rachna Chhachhi

For the last 11 years, I have been “curing” patients given up by doctors, destined to be on heavy medications to “manage” their diseases. These include cancer, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, obesity… and my favourite one: rheumatoid arthritis. I had suffered from it (read my case here), and I cured myself, and now 80% of my patient base across 22 countries is for auto immune diseases, where the same drugs that have been prescribed to help you, create havoc with your organs and your quality of life. I went through it, and then pulled out so many suffering from RA, multiple sclerosis, scleroderma, Wegener’s, lupus… all auto immune disorders that kill our spirit and life while we are still alive. Of course, when I meet a rheumatologist and he hears about my case, he shrugs it off saying, “You must be in remission.” And then I ask, “Do you know any auto immune patient who has been in remission, not needing drugs, living a full life, for 11 years?” The rheumatologist has no answer and doesn’t seem interested as well. But then there are many doctors who understand, absorb and practice. They come here for treatment, or refer patients because they understand that the answer lies in holistic healing. Those doctors walk the talk, lead by example, and hold my hand when we treat.

We’re just building a community of people (patients, doctors, healers and those who want to stay healthy) who are living like people in the future, by following a lifestyle that makes us all disease free. Holistic healing doesn’t mean an absence of allopathy, but using allopathy for what it’s meant for, “emergency care.” The rest is taken care of by the mainstream healing of making lifestyle changes and keeping disease away. If there is disease, it’s mild, manageable, and easily treated. Nothing can stop our quality of life. Or the glow on our faces.

Enter only if you want to be part of that future, which exists here.

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