What to do when you have RA

26815570_788349251350017_6819592828559774073_nRheumatoid arthritis is an incurable autoimmune disease that causes unpredictable pain, flare ups & joint deformities. Doctors try to manage it with chemotherapy drugs, steroids & immunosuppressive drugs but most patients who come to me for RA treatment often have had little relief from such toxic medications. They need a complete lifestyle overhauling to beat the disease successfully.

If you’re managing it on your own, do keep the following in mind:

1. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil offer anti-inflammatory benefits, so fish such as herring, mackerel, trout, salmon, and tuna should be a part of a healthy diet. If you choose to take fish oil supplements, look for EPA & DHA on the label.
2. Extra fiber from fruits, vegetables, and gluten free grains can result in a lower C-reactive protein (CRP) in the blood. High levels of CRP indicate inflammation.
3. Vitamin D helps lower the risk for RA in women. Eggs, gluten free fortified breads and cereals, and fish contain Vitamin D.
4. Gentle movement helps irrespective of pain levels. Gentle yoga is best recommended.
5. Reduce stress and stay calm. This is easier said than done (I would know!) but doing deep breathing exercises, guided meditation and a lot of rest will reduce pain and inflammation.
6. For women, the pain levels will always go up just before periods. And that’s because fluctuating hormones cause RA flare ups. So do pop your Primrose oil tablets and have lots of good fats like nuts and seeds, avocado, extra virgin olive oil to keep hormones in control.

For those who don’t have RA, my blessing to you is, “May you never get RA.”


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