“With the right treatment and commitment, cancer is just another disease you can overcome.”

Col A K Khanna (name changed) is a decorated retired army officer who came to me with Stage III Prostate Cancer at the age of 74.
“I was getting urine incontinence, difficulty passing urine and frequent urination, and that’s why I went for a check up. Doctors conducted tests and my PSA was very high at 124, and the scan found my prostate gland enlarged. On biopsy, cancer was confirmed. Doctors said cancer had begun metastasis, and debated on 3 options of surgery with me. Finally they referred me to a well- known surgeon in a private hospital where all scans were repeated and he advised not opening it as it could spread rapidly, and recommended radiation to contain it. I was put on Anti-androgen drugs, hormone therapy and radiation was advised. I began with Rachna’s treatment before the drugs began, and in 45 days, my PSA was back in range. Despite that, doctors went ahead with the drugs. Within 2 months, my prostate gland was back to normal size and I debated with Rachna on radiation, and she advised me against it, saying that I had a weak digestive system and radiation burns the entire area, so my stomach would not be able to take it. I was in agreement with her, but the doctors put a doubt and fear in my wife’s head that my longevity would be reduced without radiation. So to pacify everyone emotionally, I went ahead with it. Radiation was prescribed for 38 sittings, twice a week.”
“Within 8 sittings, I was in pain, unable to pass stool, constipated. It seemed like my entire digestive system had been destroyed. I was between the bed and the bathroom. Doctors were giving me gels for local application, but no relief. At that time Rachna modified my diet, supplements and pranayamas. Doctors kept pushing me for more sittings with relief measures, but after 18 sittings, my pain and discomfort was so high that even they agreed that I would not be able to take more radiation, and I decided to not complete it. I religiously followed Rachna’s treatment, which is not just diet though diet is a large part of it. She pushed me to de-stress, gave me pranayamas and exercises, and scolded me when I deviated with my favourite paneer (which is on the no list!). Looking back, all the discipline has paid off. At 78, I have now been cancer free for 3 years, At my age it is the quality of life that matters, and this holistic cancer treatment brought that back for me. I holiday every 3 months, lead an energetic life and my reports are that of a 25-year-old’s, as Rachna teases me. I feel, with the right treatment and commitment, cancer is just another disease you can overcome.”
— Col A.K. Khanna, 78 years, happily retired & travel-addicted army officer

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