“I went from fat to fit at 15!”

1481614062068When Simran, one of my patients for weight loss said her 15 year old son was interested in joining my program, I was skeptical. My program is strict, and unlike dieticians or nutritionists, my plans are not “charts” or mainstream in terms of food items. Since I’m trained in disease reversal, my plans tend to focus on “the best you can be.” For a 15 year old boy to follow that, seemed impossible. But I couldn’t say no to the pretty Simran, who had shown so much commitment in reversing her hormonal issues with me, and who seemed to be wishing and praying for her handsome son to emerge from underneath the layers.

And hence Zafir and I began. At 116 kilos, with a severe acne issue, Zafir needed some serious detoxing to clean him up before we could start the weight loss plan. I expected some pushing, half hearted okays and protests, but I got none. Religiously, every single day, he followed through, making steady progress that even people thrice his age didn’t have the discipline for. Slowly, he went from 116 to 87 in 4 months and began pushing me for “muscles and abs.” His skin had cleared up, his face was glowing and he had completely changed the way he ate and exercised. I was delighted! Then one day, I came home and saw a bouquet of orchids, a chocolate cake and a “Thank you” card from him. His friends and family couldn’t believe his transformation! The overweight child had been transformed to a handsome young man!

Whenever he would falter in between, he picked himself up easily. So after he achieved his goals, he wrote to me:

zafir“When I was a kid I was fat and I loved eating. My mother tried to stop me, but it was of no use. Then I saw her getting transformed,
and she told me to come to you. At that time, I had reached 116 kilos, I was so worried about myself and when I used to go for shopping, I used to be so dejected and frustrated because nothing would ever fit me. Because I was fat, my classmates used to call me Gorilla and other stuff and it didn’t feel good. Today, after losing 29 kilos, and my acne clearing up, when I look at myself in the mirror, or walk down in my school corridor, other students are really respectful towards me. I go for family functions and people can’t believe I’m the same fat kid. I’ve worked hard to earn this respect, and I was shown the right path by you. As a teenager, it’s a dream come true for me, and I am really looking forward to a better life today because I’m fit, energetic and confident. Thank you, Rachna.”

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