Hypertension, cholesterol, uric acid reversed in 3 months

My wife and I met Rachna through a friend in December 2015. My wife at that time was taking medication for Psoriatic arthritis. I myself had been suffering from Vertigo for sometime along with Tinitus (continuous ear buzzing) and fluctuating blood pressure. Over the next few months, I started experiencing additional symptoms like extreme mood swings, panic attacks, not being able to concentrate, episodes of depression, continuous body and head aches, feeling of giddiness.

Doctors did tests, I was told my symptoms were possibly stress related and anti depressants might help! After having been on BP meds for almost a decade, and some mood enhancing meds earlier, that’s the route I totally wanted to avoid.

Gradually, my vertigo worsened and I saw Rachna in April 2016. She ran some more tests and we figured there were a lot of medical issues. Apart from high BP, I had high uric acid, my ESR and CRP counts were high, which Rachna explained were indicating high inflammation in the body, making my body a welcoming ground for diseases and infections. My vitamin counts were low as well, indicating low immunity. Net net, the tests told us the seriousness of imbalance in my body. Rachna then put me on a regimented diet of food, supplements and certain breathing exercises.

13346468_10157012921945015_6387213681386290847_nIn just a few weeks, I began to see a turnaround.
My continuous headaches were gone, giddiness became better, mood swings were not as extreme. We ran another barrage of tests roughly after a month of starting the treatment and there was significant improvement in a majority of my counts including a now lowered uric acid and Vit D and B12 inching back to normal. In 3 months almost all the counts were normal and I could feel that with improvement in my overall physical and mental health. My blood pressure fluctuations have disappeared, but my biggest relief is the disappearance of my mood swings. I feel calmer, more in control, and to the delight of my wife and co-workers, have stopped flying off my handleJ

All this happened without any medication.
It made us as a family, realise the power of holistic healing.  This has been compounded by the fact that my wife has been undergoing Rachna’s therapy for almost 10 months now, after quitting her psoriatic arthritis medication of methotrexate against her doctor’s orders. The severe side effects of methotrexate had left her almost bed ridden. But today, her symptoms and overall condition have significantly improved without any medications. And that’s because Rachna went to the root cause of our health issues, and worked with us as a family to eliminate them.

It’s a happy home now, with a lot of laughter and positivity. I feel that my work output has also improved due to my inner balance being restored. I’m now hooked to staying healthy, thanks to all the positive effects.

— Nawal Ahuja, 42 years, Co-Founder & Director, Exchange4media Group

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