How will your 2016 be?

Happiness isn’t always the absence of sorrow. It’s a state where the world seems like a beautiful place. Just like that, being disease free isn’t absence of disease. It’s the presence of the feel-good. The burst of energy that comes from good health. The flow of positivity that wishes others well. And it’s that quality of life that I promise my patients. They come to me, tired, fatigued, with medical conditions they are unable to manage, and walk out, sometimes cartwheel out after a few months, with that burst of energy and reversal of all the pains in their lives. In 2016, pledge yourself to live a life worth living, not existing. Fix your health, job, relationships, finances. Walk away from negativity. Embrace change with responsibility. Because change doesn’t come to those who run away, it comes to those who change their paths and stay persistent on those paths because they can see that rainbow somewhere in the future.

Your rainbow will come. Just persevere. Happy 2016!

— Rachna Chhachhi  Nutritional Therapist, WHO certified in Malnutrition

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