Vitamin E to the rescue of polluted cities

vit eThis one is for all those crying about high pollution levels in Delhi.

A new study from King’s College London and the University of Nottingham has found an association between the amount of vitamin E in the body, exposure to particulate pollution and lung function. The paper adds to growing evidence from previous studies suggesting that some vitamins may play a role in helping to protect the lungs from air pollution.

This study builds on a number studies exploring whether some vitamins can counteract the negative effect on lungs caused by air pollution. However, these new findings are consistent with previous reports which observed lower levels of vitamin E in people with lung conditions such as asthma. For many parents whose kids are suffering from asthma and allergies due to air pollution, this study comes as a welcome step to add vitamin E in the diet. Vitamin E is an oil soluble vitamin and can be added in cooking oil. Other rich sources are: vegetable oils, nuts, seeds such as sunflower seeds, green leafy vegetables, and fortified breakfast cereals, fruit juices, and margarine.

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