Yet another reason to have fish oil: cancer

oil-315528_1280This wonderful oil found in fatty fish has already established many benefits: it protects the heart, prevents atherosclerosis, reduces inflammation and pain, pacifies the brain cells… and now, adding omega-3 fatty acids (an unsaturated fatty acid of a kind occurring mainly in fish oils, with double bonds between the carbon atoms that are third and second from the end of the hydrocarbon chain) to anti-tumor medications could even improve treatment response and quality of life for cancer patients, according to a new study by researchers at the University Hospitals of Leicester in the United Kingdom.

Patients were given 1,000 mg of gemcitabine weekly followed by up to 100 g of omega-3 rich lipid emulsion for three weeks followed by a rest week. This was continued for up to six cycles, progression, unacceptable toxicity, patient request, or death. The study found evidence of activity in response and disease stabilization rates, reduction in liver metastasis volume, and improved quality of life scores in this group of patients.

So if you have to, are forced to, undergo chemotherapy, taking fish oil can reduce it’s side effects and enhance your quality of life.

Fish oil is found in oily fish like tuna, mackerel, sardines, salmon. Or you can take it in a pill form if you’re a vegetarian.

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