Are you looking for me?

Slide1This is purely on public demand. For 7 years, I have been healing chronically ill patients via my laptop, with my Skype & emails. God has been kind, so many people have touched my life, enriched me, healed when doctors had given up, and are now friends across the 17 countries I heal. People from Mumbai or those visiting Mumbai have wanted face to face consults, but I had resisted because of the freedom my Skype consults gave me. I was called reclusive, anal, rigid, but ultimately people would agree to the Skype consult Vs a face to face one.

And now, I gave in. Starting today, I have begun meeting patients for face to face consults once a week. So if you’re one of those who has been exasperated & frustrated by my stance of only skypes, but feel more comfortable face to face, just email me on or call to book your 45-minute slot on +919833710731, Mon – Fri, 11am to 7 pm. Currently, it’s only every Thursday at Bandra West, but I plan to increase face to face consults to twice a week soon.

As I write this, my coffee’s getting cold, and my next patient has arrived. So will catch you here soon, and heal you. Till then, au revoir!

— Rachna Chhachhi

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