Female? Obese? You’re at higher risk for cancer

diet-398612_1280Women have always had it tough. As if hormones blocking weight loss, making skin pigmented, hairfall more weren’t enough, now there’s the risk of cancer. Obese women have around a 40 per cent greater risk of developing a weight-related cancer in their lifetime than women of healthy weight, according to new figures released by Cancer Research UK. While we all know that our cancer risk depends on a combination of our genes, environment and other aspects of our lives, many of which we can control — helping people understand how they can reduce their risk of developing cancer in the first place remains crucial in tackling the disease. And for those who are obese, this risk can be successfully minimised by making even small changes in every day life. Lifestyle changes like not smoking, keeping a healthy weight, eating a healthy diet, exercising 4 days a week and cutting back on alcohol are enough to reduce our cancer risk. Making these changes is not a guarantee against cancer, but it stacks the odds in our favour.

So just get moving, and eat small, nutrition-dense meals, to reduce your risk of cancer.

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