Eat less later to control diabetes

breakfast-532735_1280This is what nutrition experts call the “D-U-H” moment for research findings. It’s always been known that a good breakfast, a moderate lunch and a miserly dinner is the key to good health and weight loss. Now, Tel Aviv University study published in Diabetologia that proposes a “new” way to suppress deadly glucose surges throughout the day — eating a high-caloric breakfast and a more modest dinner. They found that by eating more calories at breakfast, when the glucose response to food is lowest, and consuming fewer calories at dinner, glucose peaks after meals and glucose levels throughout the day were significantly reduced. Such a regimen is a powerful therapeutic approach for improving glycemic control and may potentially reduce cardiovascular complications in type-2 diabetics.

Over 382 million people on the planet suffer from diabetes, predominantly type-2 diabetes, 65 million of these are in India alone. Eating a complex carbohydrates + protein breakfast has been proven to control sugar spikes, and eating less after 6 pm has been shown to lower the risk of lifestyle diseases, even if lifestyle changes are not made. Hence, this research goes to prove yet again, that it is the time of the day and quantities as per the time of the day that count to control any lifestyle disease.

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