Eat less after 6 pm to be disease free

restaurant-319182_1280You always knew this, right? Every time you eat less post 6 pm, your face looks less bloated the next morning, and you feel half a pound lighter. Right? And now, we have research to prove it. In a new study published today in Science, researchers at San Diego State University and the Salk Institute for Biological Studies found that by limiting the time span during which fruit flies could eat, they could prevent ageing- and diet-related heart problems (read: lifestyle diseases). Previous studies have already found that people who eat later in the day and into the night have a higher chance of developing heart disease than people who cut off food consumption earlier. The benefits of a time-restricted diet weren’t exclusive to young flies. When the researchers introduced these dietary time restrictions to older flies, their hearts became healthier, too. (The average lifespan of a fruit fly is about 60 days).

The good part is, you’re NOT changing WHAT you eat, but only what time you eat, and still reducing your risk of heart disease. So time-restricted eating would not require you to drastically change your lifestyle (which is the biggest stumbling block in holistic and nutrition based healing programs), just the times of day they eat. The key message then would be to just eliminate the late-night snacks.

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