Veganism cured my hypertension, diabetes, obesity

blue mug copyMy quest for health began in 2009. It was a difficult time emotionally and I also faced multiple health issues. I was overweight and on medication for hypertension. Latest blood reports showed me as pre-diabetic and anaemic with many other parameters out of range. In my heart I searched for answers better than what conventional medicine was offering me.

I came across many teachers, books and videos and like a drowning man, I latched on to any strand of hope to keep me afloat. After reading Deepak Chopra’s Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul, a new understanding emerged about the self-healing nature of our bodies and the power of belief. I started to change my relationship with my body through practices of gratitude and self-love.

I also began to take a greater interest in food choices. During this time, I came across a book by T. Colin Campbell, The China Study. It was a book about a large research study conducted in China about the affect of animal protein including dairy products on people’s health. Reading this book convinced me to go on a whole plant-based or healthy vegan diet and I decided to try it out for the coming months.

Within one month, I started to feel better and within 3 months, I felt so much surplus energy in my body that sometimes, I couldn’t just walk but had to skip and run! This encouraged me to stay on this path as my diet of choice and learn more and more about how it was healing and helping others reverse a range of lifestyle diseases.

By 2011, I had lost 25 kilos relatively effortlessly, reversed my hypertension and got off all the 3 medicines with the help of my doctor. My blood sugars too reverted to normal and haemoglobin improved. My aches and pains subsided and I had much more energy than ever before in my adult life.

Being a trainer by profession, this motivated me to put together a training programme for others who wanted to adopt a healthier lifestyle but struggled with how to do it. Now, this is my life purpose and my passion. I coach people on being healthy, and conduct sessions for health retreats for vegan promoting organisations. In fact, my first vegan cookbook will release this summer and I can’t wait to share the delicious recipes with those who want to be vegan but get stuck on what to eat.

Veganism changed my life and made my lifestyle issues disappear. It’s time for me to give back now. So here I am.

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