Have you finalised your New Year Resolutions yet?


Here are my top 5 for good health:

  1. Eat 20% less than your hunger: It keeps you youthful by switching on your anti-ageing gene!
  2. Eat Vitamin B & C after breakfast: It keeps stress levels down
  3. Do pranayam: It releases toxins and keeps people wondering what you’re smiling about since it keeps you calm 😉 
  4. Make a list of what you’ve wanted to do: And fulfill at least one. It could be learning an instrument, visiting a place, breaking the ice with a loved one you’ve fought with… That one tick will give you tremendous happiness
  5. Do something for someone: The joy of giving can never be underestimated. It could just mean being nice to your colleagues or staff (home staff included), donating to a charity, spending your birthday with cancer surviovors, giving away your old clothes to an orphanage… whatever works for you.

All the above will give you complete physical and emotional peace, and help you sleep better. Now, if you sleep better, you’re already working towards a healthy heart, beautiful skin, hormones being placated… isn’t that a great way to start 2015?

Happy New Year!

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